Feed Pellet Mill

Feed Pellet Mill refers to the machine used to transport materials. It is common in the automation, numerical control and precise transportation of pellets, powders, flakes, strips and other materials. It is an indispensable transmission equipment for both light industry and heavy industry.
Traditionally, the feeder is a machine that uses the force of the machine motion to force the material to transport the material. Modern feeders have undergone some changes, and advanced technologies such as high-pressure air and ultrasonic have begun to be used in feeding technology, but these devices are still classified in the feeder-type equipment.
The highly automated feeding equipment includes a computer-controlled moving head feeder, a laser feeding feeder, a high pressure air pressure, and a computer feeding feeder. In addition, foreign companies produce a projection feeder. The device is equipped with a sensor and a sighting device for scanning the contour of the material or projecting the material to guide the feeding arrangement.
The screw feeder is mainly composed of a spiral body composed of a trough, a spiral blade and a rotating shaft, two end bearings, an intermediate suspension bearing and a driving device. When the spiral rotates, the material entering the slot is subjected to the normal thrust of the rotating blade, and the radial component of the thrust and the friction of the blade against the material will cause the material to rotate around the axis; and the gravity of the material and the friction of the groove to the material It also prevents the material from rotating around the axis.
When the axial component of the helical blade against the normal thrust of the material overcomes the frictional force of the groove to the material and the radial component of the normal thrust, the material does not rotate with the spiral, and only moves forward along the trough.
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  • SZLH Series Pellet Mill

    SZLH Series Pellet MillSZLH Series Pellet Mill has a fast granulation and good effect.
    It has a special mesh screen for careful screening.
    Its friction filter rod can crush and filter solid particles, and is widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food...

  • Auxiliary Conditioner

    Auxiliary ConditionerAuxiliary Conditioner includes speed control motors, mixing blades, and more.
    It is a kind of motor that changes the speed of the motor by changing the number of stages, voltage, current, frequency, etc. of the motor to make the motor reach higher...

  • SCQY Series Drum Pre-cleaner

    SCQY Series Drum Pre-cleanerSCQY Series Drum Pre-cleaner is a kind of beneficiation equipment which is classified according to the particle size of materials.
    It is generally used for grading and screening of medium and fine grain materials.
    It has stable operation, low...

  • TWLL Series Screw Conveyor

    TWLL Series Screw ConveyorThe screw conveyor is a fixed machine that is transported by means of a rotating spiral.
    The force of the stainless steel screw conveyor so that the material does not rotate with the conveyor blades is the weight of the material itself and the...

  • TDTG Series Bucket Elevator

    TDTG Series Bucket ElevatorThe TDTG Series Bucket Elevator is a continuous conveyor that uses a series of hoppers that are uniformly attached to the endless traction member to vertically lift the material.
    It is suitable for lifting from a low place to a high place.

  • TGSS Series Scraper Conveyor

    TGSS Series Scraper ConveyorA conveyor that uses a scraper chain to pull the bulk material in the tank is called the TGSS Series Scraper Conveyor.
    It consists of three parts: the nose, the middle and the tail. In addition, there are auxiliary components such as a hydraulic jack...

  • PLC Series Proportioning System

    PLC Series Proportioning SystemThe PLC Series Proportioning System is an automated dosing device for industrial (eg concrete dosing/dosing systems - aerated brick batching control systems), agricultural (eg feed ingredients) production, usually a computer with automatic batching...

  • STJG Series Intermittent Liquid Adding System

    STJG Series Intermittent Liquid Adding SystemThe STJG Series Intermittent Liquid Adding System is suitable for the addition of liquid nutrients such as oils and fats in the feed mill mixer.
    Adding liquid nutrients such as oil and fat to the compound feed can improve the palatability of the feed...

  • TWLY Series Rotary Feeder

    TWLY Series Rotary FeederReduction box speed ratio: 60
    Frequency set : 30-50Hz
    Shaft speed: 15-25r / min
    Power: 1.1KW

  • Three-way Round Valve-Gate Series

    Three-way Round Valve-Gate SeriesPLC Series Proportioning system •Type: Proportioning System. •Certification: CE ,ISO90001: 2008. •Weigh(kg/batch): 150-2000. •Precision(%): static 0.1%FS ; dynamic 0.3%FS. Overview PLC series proportioning system is a set of control and management in the...

  • TFPX Series Rotary Distributor

    TFPX Series Rotary DistributorGate Series Condition: New Place of Origin: Henan Chian(Mainland) Certification: CE and ISO9001:2008 Capacity: for powder 45-180m³/h, for pellet 50-200m³/h Lochamp Gate Series are widely used for industries of grain, feed, flour, food, oil, chemicals,...

  • Screw Feeder Series

    Screw Feeder SeriesTDTG Series Bucket Elevator Model number: TDTG Power: 3-22kw Conveying Capacity: 20-120m³ / h Belt line speed: 1.23-2.87m / s With a split head wheel that greatly reducing cost of replacing his head round rubber and workload Barrel uses proprietary...

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