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Basic technical requirements of conveyor
- Oct 27, 2017 -

1, the conveyor should meet the requirements of this standard, and in accordance with the procedures approved by the drawings and technical documents manufacturing. Where the technical requirements of this standard, drawings and technical documents are not specified, it shall be manufactured according to the general technical conditions of building materials and heavy machinery.

2, after welding, there is no obvious distortion, warping, deformation.

3, the outer surface of the product components should be flat, there must be no obvious uneven appearance of the quality of the defects.

4, the non-staggered position of the metal cutting surface according to GB 1184-80 "shape and location tolerance is not included in the provisions of the tolerance" in the D-level tolerance manufacturing.

5, steel must be corrected before welding, after correction should be consistent with Q / JC J 05-82 "steel building materials mechanical welding technical regulations" requirement.