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How Does a Household Pellet Mill Work
- Nov 28, 2017 -

1.The Structure of Household Pellet Mill

Pellet Mill also called Flat Die Pellet Mill. Household pellet mill use a flat die with slots. The powder is introduced to the top of the die and as the die rotates a roller presses the powder through the holes in the die. A cutter on the other side of the die cuts the exposed pellet free from the die. According to the movement of die and roller can be divided into two types: die still and roller rotation, called dynamic roll, the other is die rotation and roller still, called dynamic die. The most important and easy wear part is die and roller. Reasonable operation can increase the life of the mill.


2.Pelletization Process

If you have a yard, there are lawns, trees and flowers, plus you also have a pellet stove. Then you should consider buying a multifunction household pellet mill. And operation accordance with the following pelletization process. 

(1) Raw Material Collect 

Our pellet mill can use a variety of materials make pellet, like sawdust, hay, leaves, twigs, etc. So, your yard arising weeds, leaves, branches can be used to set up. Your neighbor's yard waste plants can collect up also.

(2)Dry and Clean

Dry the material in the sun by the content moisture reach 10 to 20 percent for making pellet. Cleaning the material before putting it through the pellet mill may be needed to remove rocks lest you damage the die or roller.


Suitable material size helps pressing, and reduce machine wear and tear。A lawn mower can handle some of this material, a chipper shredder can handle leaves and hay。


Please attention the feed rate at pelleting. Suitable feed rate can be the key difference to how well the pellet mill operates. You should adjustment the rate of feed into the pellet mill.

3. Where to buy a household pellet mill

After reading this description, do you want to buy a household pellet mill? Where to buy one? There are two methods available.

(1)Buy America-Made Pellet Mill

There are a few manufacturers declared that their machine have the following features.

● Advanced Technology. Fab weld housing that primarily ensures stealth and strength. The purpose of this step was to ensure that the mill lasts a lifetime without incurring the buyer many repair expenses.

● Powder coating .It is also significant in making sure that the machine doesn’t rust easily.

●Heavy duty worm design gearbox. This pellet mill has been debated and worn the debate as the best indestructible option.

●Other Features. Low speed, high torque, a stationary case-hardened die, case-hardened rollers, and a higher material dwell time are features.

But the price is so high. And, you must be sure that their pellet mills are made in USA. Because many suppliers claim that their pellet mills are made in USA. Indeed, the machines are China made pellet mill. Why not buy the machine from China, directly. Then these American suppliers will make a huge mark-up to local buyer, and if you buy, you buy in an unnecessarily high price.