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How To Make Briquettes Biomass Pellet
- Feb 08, 2018 -

The by-products from wood processing factories like wood chips, wood shavings or sawdust are very good sources for making fuel briquettes. There for many furniture factories and wood working factories buy wood briquette machine to deal with these wood residues and at the same time make extra profit. But in fact many people are not clear about the wood briquettes manufacturing process.

How to make briquettes from these wood raw materials?


In fact, the whole process can be divided into the following steps:

Step1: get ready your wood raw material. That is to say, crush the oversized wood chips and wood shavings into much smaller sawdust. (The sawdust itself does not need crushing.) Usually the sawdust will contain much moisture, which is no suitable for briquetting directly. Under such circumstance, the sawdust needs to be dried by the dryer. The dryer can decrease its moisture to 8%-16%. But since the dryer is often used in large briquetting plants, for small briquetting line, air drying is enough: just spread out the sawdust onto the clean and smooth ground.

Step2: put the sawdust into the wood briquette machine. This step is often done by an elevator that can feed the sawdust into the hopper evenly. If you want to save money, feed the sawdust by man is also OK, but the man must be cautious about the feeding speed in case no blockage caused to the wood briquette machine, and the briquettes can get out uniformly and without break.

There are 2 types of hot sale wood briquette machines: one is Mechanical Stamping Wood Briquette Machine that can make both thin pellets and thick briquettes (only the mould is different and changeable). The other is Screw Briquette Machine which is often used to Make High Quality Charcoal Briquettes or BBQ briquettes from sawdust.

Step3: after briquetting, the briquettes may be cooled for storage and packed for sale.

Nowadays there are plenty of wood residues produced every day in many places, so the efficient wood briquette machines have become very helpful for those wood working factories.

If you also own large quantity of wood waste, just choose a wood briquette machine for yourself!