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How To Troubleshoot The Pellet Die
- Jan 30, 2018 -

It may not be easy to form pellet using a new pellet mill or new pellet die. Therefore, you are advised to flush the new pellet to allow the pellet mill to manufacture pellets effectively.Flushing of the die is easy; simply mix fine sand, raw materials, and sufficient amount of oil. Use the machine to recycle the mixture after it is discharged. Repeat the process for at least ten minutes. After this process, you will realize that your pellet machine produces pellets normally.

When turning off the pellet mills or production line, the mill ought to be fed with oily materials to seal the die holes. This prevents both rusting and die hole blocking.

Should the die holes get blocked, you are advised to flush the die as this helps in mitigating one of the most common issues; excessive blockage. Flushing smoothes the bored die hole interiors occasioned by burrs left after the manufacturing process is completed. Flushing pellet dies reduces blockage and allows the machine to operate effectively as usual.

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