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Operation rules for belt conveyor operators
- Oct 27, 2017 -

1, dress neat, hold a valid certificate posts.

2, the driver must clear the signal, according to the provisions of the signal command to open the conveyor. Before starting, check the connection fasteners and safety equipment is complete and solid.

3, the conveyor should always pay attention to the operation of the belt operation. Found that the belt deviation, scratch card, joint damage is serious, roller, roller and electrical machinery parts of the temperature, abnormal sound, to immediately stop and report the professional staff to deal with, before processing can continue to start.

4, depending on the degree of drying the coal operating spray switch, spray dust.

5, the occurrence of slip or boring car, to identify the reasons for proper treatment.

6, handling chute blockage, the relevant provisions of the coal preparation plant must be implemented to stop the electricity system, hand care, prohibit single operation.

7, handling deviation, is strictly prohibited by hand, feet and other parts of the body directly contact the conveyor belt.

8, the class often clean up the equipment and environmental health, so that the environment clean. Prohibited in the rotating parts and near the clearance or to the belt machine to help operations.