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Packing machine,Packing Equipment
- Dec 29, 2017 -


Capacity(kg/bag): 10-50

Speed(bag/min): ≥7

Accuracy: ±0.2%

Power(kw): 0.75


Packing machine is applied for quantitative packing.The weight of per bag can be changed from 10 to 50 kilos.

ZZLP-50 packing machine is operated by an automatic control system including speed charging,batching,bag loading and unloading, except the manual fixing bag in feed outlet.

Packing machine Advatages

1. Advanced digital inverter technology, sample processing technology, anti-interference technology, and to achieve automatic compensation and error correction.

2. The machine use steel frame structure, independent suspension weighing sensors, smooth operation, easy to operate and accurate weighing;

3. Suitable for high moisture particulate and powder material.

4. Suitable for the food, feed, biomass pellet and other industries in the loose granular material of the quantitative packaging.

5. It use three speed control with fast,middle,slow, belt feeding,high accuracy;

Packing machine Specifications

Static PrecisionRef      (0.2)      ×      (0.2)
Dynamic Precision10g
Power/GasAC      380V      50HZ      0.4-0.8      Mpa
Bagging Speed(Bag/h)200-300300-500150-250240-400200-350400-700