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Principle and Application of Sludge Treatment Equipment
- Oct 27, 2017 -

First, the sludge treatment equipment works:

The high-humidity sludge is directly fed into the drum crushing dryer by the feed screw, which is repeatedly taken and removed by the copy board on the inner wall of the drum. After the crushing device is scattered, the material is in full contact with the negative temperature medium Mass transfer process. Due to the inclination of the drum and the action of the wind, the material is moved slowly from the feed end, dried by the discharge screw, and the exhaust gas is discharged through the dust collector and discharged into the atmosphere.

The sludge treatment equipment is used in the downstream drying process, especially for the quick drying of the high-humidity sludge to be preserved, such as the treatment of fresh chicken manure, which can achieve drying, sterilization, deodorization and preservation of nutrition. Machine drum with a high-speed rotation of the broken device, increasing the sludge and drying medium contact area, the device within some of the unique design, so that the sludge is not easy to bond in the board and cylinder wall, the whole insulation, Sealing performance is good, thermal efficiency is much higher than the general roller dryer.

Chunlei Transportation Machinery Factory's sludge treatment equipment is compact, easy to install and debug, covers an area of small drum and crushing devices are stepless speed regulation, can adapt to different materials drying requirements. The machine can be used with different fuels (such as Coal, heavy oil, natural gas, etc.) supporting the use of heat.

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