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Use and maintenance of screw conveyors
- Oct 27, 2017 -

1. Screw conveyor The movement parts should always add lubricating oil.

2. Screw conveyor should be no load start, that is, no material in the case when the start, start before feeding to the screw machine.

3. In order to ensure that the screw machine without load start requirements, the conveyor should stop feeding before parking, and other materials within the shell after the complete delivery to stop running.

4. Screw machine at both ends of the bearing box with lithium-based grease, injected once every half of about 5 grams.

5. Always check the working status of each part of the screw machine in use. Note that the fastening parts are loose. If the parts are loosened, tighten the screws and re-tighten them immediately.

6. Should pay special attention to the spiral pipe and the coupling between the screw is loose, if found this phenomenon should immediately stop, correct it.

7. The material to be transported shall not be mixed with hard pieces of material, to avoid the screw stuck and cause damage to the screw machine.