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Wood Chipper Machine,Wood Chipper Equipment
- Dec 29, 2017 -



This series of wood chipper consists of frame, knife roller, upper and lower feed roller, conveyor belt, hydraulic system and other parts. Frame and shell are made of high strength steel plate welding, and there are 4-6 fly knifes installing on knife roller according to application scope and production efficiency.

Wood Chipper Machine Advatages

1. The chipper machine can chop different raw materials to required size ,such as wood branch ,veneer, bamboo, and cotton atalk ,widely used in the biomass pellet plant .

2. Upper feeding roller assembly can float up and down within the prescribed scope under effect of hydraulic, in order to achieve function of cutting raw materials with different thickness.

3. Materials after cutting will discharge through screen hole,those which don’t meet the requirement will be cut again in machine until reaching standard.

Wood Chipper Machine Specifications

Dia of drum(mm)650800
Intake size(h*w)(mm)180*500225*680
Qty of knife(pcs)22
Rotating speed(rpm)590650
Max Dia of log(mm)200250
Capacity Proudctivity (m3/h)1022
Intake size(h*w)(mm)3030
Main motor power (kw)55110
Feeding motor power (kw)3*24*2