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Differentiation And Expression Of Scraper Conveyor
- Oct 27, 2017 -

Scraper conveyor, the relevant issues are a lot, for example, its difference with the buried scraper conveyor, the difference between the types, in addition to some other. For these, it is also we must understand and master, otherwise it is not very good to a comprehensive understanding of this conveyor, then it will not achieve the desired purpose of the study. So, for these questions, the following Xiaobian to carry out specific explanations, so that we can clearly understand, to timely grasp.

1. What is the difference between a scraper conveyor and a buried scraper conveyor? What is the difference between the front scraper conveyor and the rear scraper conveyor?

A: Scraper conveyor, and its difference with the buried scraper conveyor is mainly about the degree of closure, buried scraper conveyor is almost completely closed, only the inlet and outlet, and scraper conveyor is not.

Front scraper conveyor and rear scraper conveyor, the two scraper conveyor configuration is similar, but the front and rear of the movement of the direction and the body part is different.

2. Scraper conveyor SGB-620 / 80T, what is its specific meaning?

A: In this representation, its SGB refers to the side double chain scraper conveyor, 620 refers to the width of the middle of 620mm, 80 refers to its installed power, the unit is KW.