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LS Type Screw Conveyor Composition And Model Parameters
- Oct 27, 2017 -

The screw conveyor body consists of three parts: head section, middle section and tail section. Under normal circumstances, the factory assembly will be the length of the middle section in accordance with the length of the order, the longest section of the middle section near the head section, the same length of the middle section is together, if there are special requirements, the order given when ordering.

In the head section is equipped with a thrust bearing to bear the axial force, in the middle section and the tail section is equipped with the bearing support screw shaft, in addition, the tail section is also equipped with axially movable radial bearing to compensate the screw shaft length error And adapt to changes in temperature. Spiral surface in the form of solid spiral (S method) and belt spiral (D method) two. The flange between the use of flange connection, to ensure the interchangeability of the coupling shaft, easy maintenance.

The cover is tiled and clamped on the chassis with a cover, and if you want to improve the sealing performance, the user can add a waterproof canvas between the cover and the cabinet.