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Screw Conveyor Selection Points
- Oct 27, 2017 -

1, the transmission capacity: screw feeder capacity is the unit of time to transport the amount of material. In the transport of bulk material, the quality of the material delivered per hour or volume calculation; in the delivery of pieces of goods, the number of pieces per hour to calculate. When the vibrating screen equipment such as linear vibrating screen, rotary vibration screen and ultrasonic vibrating screen is matched, the feed volume of the vibrating screen is calculated and the conveying quantity is controlled. Most of the conveyor before the design and production should consider whether to use with other production equipment in order to facilitate the rational design of the conveyor model.

2, the transmission speed: progressive delivery speed can improve the transmission capacity. When the conveyor belt is used as a traction member and the conveying length is large, the conveying speed is gradually increased. But high-speed operation of the belt conveyor should pay attention to vibration, noise and start, brake and other issues. For conveyors with chains as traction parts, the conveying speed should not be too large to prevent the increase of the dynamic load. At the same time the process of handling the feeder, the transmission rate should be determined according to the production process requirements.

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