• SZLH Series Pellet Mill

    SZLH Series Pellet MillSZLH Series Pellet Mill has a fast granulation and good effect.
    It has a special mesh screen for careful screening.
    Its friction filter rod can crush and filter solid particles, and is widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food...

  • Auxiliary Conditioner

    Auxiliary ConditionerAuxiliary Conditioner includes speed control motors, mixing blades, and more.
    It is a kind of motor that changes the speed of the motor by changing the number of stages, voltage, current, frequency, etc. of the motor to make the motor reach higher...

  • SCQY Series Drum Pre-cleaner

    SCQY Series Drum Pre-cleanerSCQY Series Drum Pre-cleaner is a kind of beneficiation equipment which is classified according to the particle size of materials.
    It is generally used for grading and screening of medium and fine grain materials.
    It has stable operation, low...

  • TWLL Series Screw Conveyor

    TWLL Series Screw ConveyorThe screw conveyor is a fixed machine that is transported by means of a rotating spiral.
    The force of the stainless steel screw conveyor so that the material does not rotate with the conveyor blades is the weight of the material itself and the...

  • TDTG Series Bucket Elevator

    TDTG Series Bucket ElevatorThe TDTG Series Bucket Elevator is a continuous conveyor that uses a series of hoppers that are uniformly attached to the endless traction member to vertically lift the material.
    It is suitable for lifting from a low place to a high place.

  • TGSS Series Scraper Conveyor

    TGSS Series Scraper ConveyorA conveyor that uses a scraper chain to pull the bulk material in the tank is called the TGSS Series Scraper Conveyor.
    It consists of three parts: the nose, the middle and the tail. In addition, there are auxiliary components such as a hydraulic jack...

  • PLC Series Proportioning System

    PLC Series Proportioning SystemThe PLC Series Proportioning System is an automated dosing device for industrial (eg concrete dosing/dosing systems - aerated brick batching control systems), agricultural (eg feed ingredients) production, usually a computer with automatic batching...

  • STJG Series Intermittent Liquid Adding System

    STJG Series Intermittent Liquid Adding SystemThe STJG Series Intermittent Liquid Adding System is suitable for the addition of liquid nutrients such as oils and fats in the feed mill mixer.
    Adding liquid nutrients such as oil and fat to the compound feed can improve the palatability of the feed...

  • Chipping Machine

    Chipping MachineThe Chipping Machine consists of a frame, a knife roll, an upper and lower feed rolls, a conveyor belt, and a hydraulic system.
    The frame and outer casing are welded with high-strength steel plates, and 4-6 flying knives are mounted on the knives...

  • Drying Machine

    Drying MachineDrying Machine is an industrial dryer designed to reduce or minimize the liquid moisture content of a material.
    The dryer consists of a large rotating cylindrical tube that is usually supported by steel beams.
    It is slightly inclined so that...

  • Packing Machine

    Packing MachineThe Packing Machine is operated by an automatic control system that includes speed charging, dosing, bagging and unloading, except that the feed port is a manual bag.
    It is suitable for quantitative packaging, the weight of each bag can be changed...

  • Hammer Mill

    Hammer MillHammer Mill is similar to a hammer crusher used in general industry.
    The main purpose of the hammer crusher is to turn solid materials into small pieces under mechanical force.
    When the rotor of the hammer mill rotates at a high speed, the...

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